The system designed to increase storage capacity and raised power arrow while maintaining safety standard of construction. The construction of console racks allows to be used as racks with shelves that do not have shelf length restriction. Beside, on their base can be installed deep racks for oversized cargo.


Console storage racks can be one–sided and double–sided.  The various console lengths and capacities allow to store many loads: various wood products, lightweight plastic skirting boards, corners and panels, as well as heavy steel and concrete pipes, various materials packed in long boxes or rolls.

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Trading shelves

SIDAC Italian metal trading shelves are suitable for small and large stores exhibition. They can be different heights, lenght and widhts. Goods can be arranged according to your preference by adjusting the height of the […]

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“Drive in” racks

The most compact way to store pallets and the most suitable way of storing one type of product (by product).

As there is no passage between the rows, up to 80% of the volume of the […]