The Super 4-5-6 series meets the requirements of automated storage, pallet racking, is distinguished by fast assembly.

The main components of the system are: stand and beams.

The variety of Super 4-5-6 series molds and models can optimally meet customer needs. The size of such racks is determined by the size and height of the warehouse. These racks allow optimal use of warehouse space, especially where space and space are lacking protected goods do not require extremely high heights. Ladders, lifts and elevators are used for connecting racking levels. The aisles between the racks are arranged according to the loading and unloading equipment used in the warehouse. Such warehouse racks are comfortable in that they can be equipped with auxiliary premises, assembly areas, cloakrooms and work areas. The construction of these racks is fixed by screws. The distinguishing feature of such racks is not a serial product. Despite the fact that the standard set of elements is used, completely different designs are being assembled each time, which are designed according to the specific requirements of the customer.

Safety and quality, the main objectives of the Metalsistem, are in line with one of the most important German TÜV standards and requirements.